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Sweets Kendama - ATack COMPLETE
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Sweets - Complete aTack Coating = Complete Kendama Control

The Sweets aTack Kendama is the kendama pros and beginners turn to for help with mastering balance tricks. Their special aTack paint is perfectly tacky right out of the box and it only gets better the more you break it in! And now for the first time Sweets is offering a fully aTack Kendama! The aTack Complete!

The aTack Complete comes with the new Sweets Focus Ken and is completely coated in their custom aTack Paint! That means that both the ken and tama are extra grippy to give you even better stick on balance tricks!

This first run is available in 3 cool aTack colors - Heart-aTack, White-Out, and Out-to-Seafoam - all cleverly named by the Sweets crew.

Grab one in your favorite color or trade halves with a friend to make some cool custom color ways! We think the Heart-aTack Ken paired with the White-Out Tama looks especially sweet!

Every Sweets Kendama comes with an extra string, bead, instructional booklet and stickers.

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