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Sweets Kendama - ATack
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Sweets - Super Sticky ATack Technology Sticks any Trick!

YoYoExpert is excited to present the new ATack Kendama from SWEETS. Started in 2010 with the mission of spreading the benefits and gratification of Kendama, Sweet's produces Kendamas for all skill levels and are proud to paint all of them here in the USA.

The Sweets aTack is beyond tacky straight out of the box. These tamas get even more tacky the more you play them. The aTack finish is in high demand with experienced players. Anyone looking for a kendama to help them learn new balance tricks, look no further. Unlike Sweets Aisuru finishes, the atack finish is much softer, making it slightly more vulnerable to dents and dings.

This tama comes pre-strung on the new Sweets ken, and include an extra string, bead, and an instructional booklet.

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