spinworthy survivalist yoyo

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Spinworthy - Handmade from recycled plastic!

From Spinworthy: For well over a year I have been experimenting with making a solid bodied, plastic fixed axle yoyo. It turned out to be a pretty difficult challenge from a handmade perspective for many reasons, but I have finally arrived at a design I am happy with - the Survivalist!

Made from recycled HDPE and a solid 1/4" aluminium axle, the Survivalist is a really tough, pocket sized fixed axle yoyo. It can survive quite a beating and water doesn’t faze it. In fact, it floats! I even ran over one twice in my car and it remained functional (although a little squashed and scratched up). It will happily be your everyday-carry yoyo wherever you go.

It has a soft and smooth feel in play and reliable response. It's smaller size does not hold it back from performing all your favorite 0A tricks with ease. Oh - it also plays best with your favorite polyester string, no need to keep cotton strings handy for this one!

Please note: This is not a take-apart model. Do not attempt to unscrew this yoyo.

spinworthy survivalist yoyo

spinworthy survivalist yoyo

Survivalist Specifications:
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Diameter: 52.15 mm / 2.05 inches
Width: 30.27 mm / 1.19 inches
Gap Width: 2.50 mm / 0.1 inches
Weight: 51.5 grams
Bearing Size: Fixed Axle
Material: HDPE
Designed in: Australia
Made in: Australia
Released: November 2021

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