66% stealth ogre   

66Percent Stealth Ogre
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66Percent -  Small size, big performance!   

The latest release from 66percent is a collaboration with STURM PANZER - This is the 66% Stealth Ogre!

The 66% Stealth Ogre is modeled after one of Sturm Panzers most popular designs. It has the most impressive mass distribution of any 66percent model, with the thick weight rings accounting for a staggering 76% of the total yo-yo weight. This intense weight distribution gives the new mini Ogre a really impressive spin power and stability in play. It has the feel of a full sized yo-yo on the string with all the performance that goes with it!

The weight rings are 18K gold plated to prevent rust and to give the 66% Stealth Ogre a really special feel. It even comes with a mini size Sturm Panzer booklet, just like the standard STRUM PANZER models.


66percent stealth ogre yoyo

stealth ogre

66Percent Stealth Ogre Specifications:
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Diameter: 38.12 mm / 1.50 inches
Width: 27.75 mm / 1.09 inches
Gap Width: 3.65 mm / 0.14 inches
Weight: 62.1 grams
Bearing Size: Size A
Response: Small bearing response pads.
Designed in: Japan
Made in: Japan

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