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So You Think You Can Yo-Yo DVD - 2-Handed Tricks
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Joseph Harris and Jennifer Baybrook present "So You Think You Can Yo-Yo?!". A new DVD showing teaching you everything from the basics of looping to complicated tricks like Wraps and Tangler!

This is the DVD for anyone who wants to learn looping fast. It has tips and advice that you just can't get anywhere else. Everything from what types of looping yo-yos to use, maintenance, tricks, and the important hints that get you results fast.

Best part is you are learning from players who have actually won contests using these skills. 1998 World Yo-Yo Champion Jennifer Baybrook and 2008 National Yo-Yo Champion Joseph Harris!

Challenge yourself to start learning 2A now - by far some of the most impressive and high impact yo-yoing possible.

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