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Shinwoo ZanNavi
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Shinwoo - Excellent Beginner Yo-Yo With Rubber Rims!

$ 4.99
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The ZanNavi by Shinwoo is a great inexpensive yo-yo that is excellent for learning all your basic tricks on and more!

The larger design of this yo-yo makes it easier to catch on the string and rubber rims provide some nice cushion between your hand and the yo-yo or the yo-yo and the ground!

Built using Shinwoos rubber response it requires little maintenance and is just a fun all around throw! The price is right too for this excellent beginners yo-yo!

Shinwoo ZanNavi Specifications:
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Diameter: 61.40 mm / 2.42 inches
Width: 38.69 mm / 1.52 inches
Gap Width: 2.78 mm / .11 inches
Weight: 64.90 grams
Bearing Size: Size A (5x10x4 mm)
Response: Shinwoo Rubber Response

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