Scales Open - Vol 2 - June 2019
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SCALES -   SCALES OPEN - VOL 2 - June 22, 2019    

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Scales is starting off the summer with their 2nd Scales Open Online contest!

The concept of Scales Open Online is to provide a unique contest experience by giving players of all skill levels around the world the chance to compete at their best potential for a low price with high prize stakes. Players will be filming their freestyle, which means that they will be able to perform it as clean as they wish. On top of this, all competitors will be receiving feedback from the Scales group for their freestyles!

There are two divisions planned for this event - AMATEUR & PRO. Amateur is a 1 minute freestyle for players who are new to competing and are looking for an opportunity to step into the contest scene in a friendly way. Pro division consists of a 1 minute preliminary round and a 2 minute final for players looking to stack up against the best of the best and compete in a contest that is more similar to pro divisions in real life.

Rules for the Scales Open are available here:
Freestyle submission is now open here:    
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