Scales International - September 2020
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SCALES - SCALES International - September 11th, 12th, & 13th 2020

For the past few years, Scales has been running online competitions for players around the world to participate in. The primary goal of Scales Open was to provide for some opportunity for players to gain greater competitive experience in a system that prioritizes true yo-yoing. Scales makes use of a fine-tuned judging system that involves interesting evaluation categories and bonuses.

Scales International is the next step up from Scales Open. Similarly to past contests, Scales Intl. will be offering 1A Pro and 1A Amateur divisions. The pro division will consist of a 1 minute prelim round and 3 minute final routines with an adjusted judging system, and the amateur division will consist of a 1 minute routine with a similar judging format to that of Scales Open Vol. 4. Full rules for Scales Intl. can be found here.

Pro division is for players who are looking to stack up against some of the world’s best and practice for future events in 1 minute & 3 minute formats. Cost is $20 to enter.

Amateur is meant for less experienced competitors who are looking to gain more experience in a more friendly competitive format that focuses more on the evaluation aspects of the freestyle. Cost is $15 to enter.

Over 30 is for those over the age of 30 looking for a casual outlet to compete. Freestyles will be 1 minute long and compared to amateur and pro, the scoring criteria for Over 30 is much less demanding and judges will pick their top 3 favorite routines as well as a few special awards.  Cost to enter is $10.

T-Shirts are available too (T-Shirt is $20 plus $5 shipping for a total of $25 shipped worldwide by Scales). These will be shipping to arrive in September/October (again fulfilled by Scales and not YoYoExpert.

Rules for the Scales International:



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