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Save Deth Presents: Volume 2
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Save Deth - Get Inspired With Save Deth's Amazing New Installment

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Looking for further inspiration? Look no further.

Save Deth Vol. II again blends postmodern art, engaging music, and innovative yo-yoing in a new and exciting ground breaking DVD.

With a flourishing roster and stunning visual aesthetics, Volume II by Save Deth goes well beyond choppy internet videos, cookie cutter freestyles, and bed sheet backgrounds.

Backed by a soundtrack that will have you humming all day, Dave Poyzer and Seth Peterson travel from New York to San Francisco to bring you the most progressive footage that modern yo-yoing has to offer. This latest entry into the Save Deth Library is bound to drop jaws and cultivate creativity.

Featuring: Paul Han, Markmont, Jensen Kimmitt, Justin Weber, Joey Fleshman, Jon Rob, and more...
SaveDeth Volume II Trailer:

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