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Sengoku - The first M-Shape bi-metal!

Sengoku is always on the cutting edge of yo-yo design with their innovative and unique designs that push performance to new heights. Their latest model is no exception - The Samurai!

The Samurai features a new shape that Sengoku believes offers superior performance in all fields over the standard straight V profile - The M-Shape! The inertia in almost all modern shapes goes outwards. This one goes inwards, which offers the stability of an organic without the problem of the center weight. It has the weight distributed on the very edge like modern competition yo-yos, but in a way that stabilizes it more, so it needs less power to spin longer.

This yo-yo is a game changer, a big deal since the M-shape gives the Samurai an unprecedented balance, there is nothing that even performs close at low RPM.

Impressive spin power, over the top stability, and an ease of control that most bi-metals can't offer - The Samurai is a real innovation in yo-yo design that you need to feel to believe!



Samurai Specifications:
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Diameter: 55.02 mm / 2.17 inches
Width: 49.73 mm / 1.96 inches
Gap Width: 4.55 mm / 0.18 inches
Weight: 64.23 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: Sengoku Katana Pads/19mm Slim Pad Size
Material: 7068 Aluminum/Stainless Steel Ring
Designed in: Japan
Made in: China
Release Date: April 2019

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