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White Pine Wood Co - Beautifully handmade counterweights.

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Introducing Premium Wooden Counterweights from White Pine Wood Company!

From the owner:
I am a Salesman full time that moonlights as a woodworker. I worked for my family’s millwork company for 15 years some of which I spent in the workshop where my passion for woodworking started. When I built my own home, I had to put a hobby woodworking shop in. When I was young, I used to play on team funz-a-poppin in Swansea, MA. We competed in Honolulu Hawaii at the 1999 world yoyo competition. Fast forward 20 years and my oldest daughter asked me for a yoyo for Christmas. That re-ignited my spark in the yoyo world. While watching all the videos of the new players I was blown away by the talent they had, and I knew I wanted to do something to become more involved in the community. I thought I would start off small and start making some wood balls to use as counterweights for 5a play. I would love to get honest feedback from anyone who purchases them. Reach out on instagram @whitepinewoodco. I have a bunch of ideas that I want to try so more products will become available as I have time to make them.

These are a natural product and that each piece will be different and unique. Burls may have inclusions (hollow areas inside).

white pine wood co counterweights

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