PoryKon V
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PoryKon -   Machined Practice Counterweight    

$ 7.99
Porykon V is their appropriately named fifth model. With the original Porykon design the sole focus was the professional 5A player. So they decided to design something new for everyone - the expert and the beginner.

Porykon is a design born from a previously released counterweight named Fu-Ring featuring these elements:
1. Made by POM, high-strength materials of counterweight
2. Inherits Fu-Ring's unique design - B-Lock System.
3. Inherits Fu-Ring's size, brings stable and speed feeling.
4. Suitable for All-Levels 5A player.
5. A lower price (No bearing).

Great practice and still great for competition, PoryKon V is another great counterweight from PoryKon!  
 Porykon Group Shot  

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