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PockeHt - Ed Haponik x TMBR
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TMBR - Ed Haponik Signature Yo-Yo!

The origins of the eH yoyo can be traced back to 2012 when Ed Haponik took a one year oath to throw only a single fixed-axle wooden yo-yo. It was a custom design from SPYY who sponsored him at the time. He completed this goal on 12/31/12 and documented his efforts on 365yoyotricks.com and in several of his clip videos.

Fast forward to 2020 we miss our friends SPYY, but Ed continues to throw down some of the best fixed axle tricks around via his Instagram page and inspiring a resurgence in fixed axle play!  Every year we have since worked with our good friend Colin at TMBR and Ed to release a new version of the eH and the PockeHt brings us in a fun new direction!

In Ed Haponik's own words:

Awhile back, when I bonked my 20-eH-teen against the tile, cracking it badly, I “fixed” it by whittling it down into a super-slim pocket version. Around the same time, Colin at TMBR was cooking up his “This-a-Way/That-a-Way” design. With that creative fuel, we set about imagining an ultra-slim version of the eH yo-yo we’ve tweaked since 2012. This involved playing with every dimension and variable, and what Colin came up with is a remarkable little yo-yo which packs as much punch (and sweetness) as any eH we’ve done into a much smaller package.

The PockeHt spins great, flips easy, shoots the moon all day, and (if you ever want to take it off your finger) slips into your jeans pocket no sweat. The engraving Andre cooked up features either a classic minimalist “eH” option OR an homage to the TK Pocket Rocket & No Jive models, which the three of us have long admired.

I hope the PockeHt finds a home in your pocket and that you enjoy it as much as we do!

tmbr pockEHt


PockeHt - Ed Haponik x TMBR Specifications:
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Diameter: about 63.4 mm / 2.50 inches
Width: about 27 mm / 1.06 inches
Weight: Maple: ~51 grams
Cherry: ~42 grams
Oak: ~55 grams
Spectre Ply: ~48 grams
Response: TMBR Wood Thread
Material: Maple, Cherry, & Oak
Designed in: USA
Made in: USA
Release Date: December 2020

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