Plastic Peak by CLYW x LFVK

Plastic Peak - CLYW × LFVK
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Luftverk -   another chapter of the legendary Peak    

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The CLYW Peak - Reimagined as a Luftverk "Injection Molded" plastic, represents a new chapter in the legendary Peak's history, drawing inspiration from the original design from 2006. To preserve the iconic proportions in a lighter material, the yoyo's shape has been scaled larger in every dimension, resulting in an incredible floaty feel. This exceptional recreation is all made possible through the utilization of Luftverk's Injection Machining Technology and wow it impresses every step of the way!

The development of this yoyo was not without its challenges. The unique shape pushed the limits of the Luftverk mold, especially with the Peak's Iconic hub design that maximized the profile of the plastic blank. Additionally, the entire pad area had to be re-machined to accept the CLYW Snow Tire, which was a testament to their commitment to preserving the iconic Peak feel. Consequently, this project proved to be the most challenging Luftverk plastic to date!

If the story of the Peak is new to you here is some background. Flash back to 2006 where CLYW originally gained widespread recognition with the release of its debut yoyo, the "Peak." Retailing at $85, the "OG Painted Peak" has now become an exceedingly rare and coveted collector's item, with asking prices soaring to over $2500. The limited production and custom artwork by a Canadian airbrush artist made it something of legend. CLYW's decision to re-imagine this iconic yoyo was influenced by the success of Luftverk's Injection Machining project, which set the stage for the ambitious endeavor of redesigning the Peak in plastic. After multiple prototype iterations it is safe to say the final design has successfully captured the nostalgic essence of the OG Peak while introducing modern play characteristics.

Three classic colors have been thoughtfully selected to complement the OG Peak and maintain CLYW's distinctive aesthetic. The release of the reimagined CLYW Peak pays tribute to the rich history of the yoyoing community and honors the significant impact that CLYW has had on the sport. Jeff at Luftverk's also held the larger goal to introduce a new generation to the excitement and nostalgia associated with this legendary yoyo.

The packaging also incorporates that creative touch we love from both CLYW and Luftverk with a throwback to the original Peak box design, further contributing to this heartfelt love letter to the yoyoing community and a tribute to the brand's influential role in the past.      CLYW x Luftverk Plastic Peak

Plastic Peak By CLYW x LVFK
CLYW x Luftverk Plastic Peak YoYo

CLYW Luftverk Plastic Peak

Plastic Peak - CLYW × LFVK Specifications:
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Diameter: 59.0 mm / 2.32 inches
Width: 47.6 mm / 1.85 inches
Gap Width: 4.5 mm / 0.18 inches
Weight: 66.0 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: Snow Tire Response
Material: Injection Molded Polycarbonate & Machined
Designed in: Canada
Made in: China
Released: July 2023

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