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My-Tho-Logy - Signature Series Brand of World Champion Hiroyuki Suzuki

$ 19.99
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Hiroyuki Suzuki is a three time World Champion with yo-yo skills most people dream of. With the release of his new revolutionary PHENOM and PHENOMizm yo-yos Hiroyuki has started to bring high quality PHENOM branded yo-yo accessories to players everywhere.

Hiroyuki's new 'brand' MY-THO-LOGY presents the third PHENOM branded product with these high quality yo-yo bags!

We are always looking for nice ways to carry around yo-yos and the PHENOM bag is the perfect size! Just large enough to fit a decent amount of yo-yos but small enough that it won't get in the way. Includes a front zipper pouch for extra bearings or string, etc.

This yo-yo bag is made from an anti-scratch synthetic leather type material so it will hold up will being brought from place to place. A very cool way to carry around your awesome yo-yos!

Note: Yo-Yos are not included with the PHENOM bag.

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