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Oxy io
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Oxygene - Elegantly Designed Aluminum Yo-Yo From Italy

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Carlo Alberto Menon owner of Oxyg̬ne from Italy makes what are considered some of the most stunning and perfect yo-yos ever created. Every design is a constant example of elegance and ingenuity. The new Io takes what he has learned from his high end titanium line of yo-yos, the Oxy Ti 9.06 and the Syzygy.

We introduce the little brother of the titanium throws, the Oxyg̬ne io. This incredible aluminum yo-yo made in Italy features the same precision and elegant shape as its predecessors but using full aluminum.

Just hold this yo-yo in the hand and look at it and you quickly find this was a yo-yo designed by a perfectionist. The shape of io is flowingly smooth and comfortable in the hand.

The io is available in three soft anodized colors with a hand made sandblasting finish that is not just beautiful to look at but is exceptional for grinds. Comes stock with a Metric KonKave bearing with patent permissions from Dif-E-Yo.

Oxy io Specifications:
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Diameter: 54.0 mm / 2.12 inches
Width: 43.0 mm / 1.69 inches
Gap Width: 5.0 mm / .2 inches
Weight: 65 grams
Bearing Size: Metric KonKave Bearing - (6x13x5 mm)
With Permission From Dif-E-Yo
Response: Oxygene Silicone Pad
Made in: Italy

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