Original Throw String
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Original Throw - Custom string from the Original Throw family.

$ 16.99

Shuyun Tang, founder of Original Throw, and his friends have worked with factories to make the “perfect” yo-yo strings which could handle all styles. They sent sample strings to over 100 players all over China and after 9 prototypes they believe they've created the perfect strings!

OT Normal string is great for slacks and whips and cuts through the air with ease. It has a soft feel that is gently on the hands and is great for those extra long practice sessions.

OT Fat has the same soft feel as Normal with some added thickness and weight. Great for slack tricks and offers the most satisfying tight binds.

OT Slim string has a tighter wind and handles regens really well. It is great for 4A play or any yo-yos with a slightly narrower gap. It is also the top choice for many 2A players!

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