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O.U.T. Pocket Love
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OUT - Once Upon a Tree

Once Upon a Tree is a small company founded by by Paul Cerny, based out of Houston Texas. He creates some amazing, hand crafted, wooden skill toys (The VooDama) and beautiful, fixed axle, yo-yos. His latest creation is the Pocket Love.

This is one of the most stunning, fixed axle, wooden yo-yos that we have seen. When you throw the Pocket Love you can just feel the level of craftsmanship and care that went into making it. It is solid, comfortable in hand, and plays super smooth. And the signature "crop circle" response system gives it just the right amount of responsiveness for the perfect bind. Each Pocket Love is meticulously crafted, one at a time, out of high-end, exotic lumber in very limited quantities.

The Pocket Love is the perfect fixed axle yo-yo for the modern enthusiast!

O.U.T. Pocket Love Specifications:
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Diameter: 60 mm / 2.36 inches
Width: 28.35 mm / 1.11 inches
Gap Width: 3 mm / .11 inches
Bearing Size: WOOD
Response: WOOD

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