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O.U.T. Acorn
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OUT - Amazing Fixed-axle Pocket Throw

Once Upon a Tree is a small company founded by by Paul Cerny, based out of Houston Texas. He creates some amazing hand-crafted wooden skill toys (The VooDama) and beautiful fixed-axle yo-yos. And the latest creation to come out of the O.U.T. workshop is the Acorn!

With its smaller size, narrow gap, and unique profile shape this fixed axle throw has a completely unique feel and play style. The Acorn is a swift little moon-shootin' looper with a secret passion for stalls.

The fun undersized Acorn is the perfect pocket throw, a must have for any fixed-axle collection!

O.U.T. Acorn Specifications:
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Diameter: 55.90 mm / 2.20 inches
Width: 31.50 mm / 1.24 inches
Gap Width: 2.4 mm / .09 inches
Weight: 44.4 grams
Bearing Size: WOOD
Response: WOOD

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