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Monkeyfinger Vines String
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Monkeyfinger - Play Like an Animal!

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MonkeyfingeR is an amazing company making some really high quality return tops along with all the accessories you need to maintain them! Their latest accessory is MonkeyfingeR Vines - A premium string for your premium throws!

MonkeyfingeR Vines Ape Hanger Strings are spun in Canada from a secret blend of 100% polyester thread to achieve the perfect combination of tension, weight, and longevity. These strings are designed to be ready to play right out of the bag, no lengthy break in period or string stretching needed to get these strings feeling just right!

Available in packs of 10; Hand-crafted Ape Hangers are slightly thicker than standard polyester string and hold their tension and shape well even after hours and hours of play! They move smooth over the hand and have an excellent weight for clean slacks and fast whips!

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