monkeyfinger monkey barrel

Monkey Barrel
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Monkeyfinger - Adjustable weight counterweight design.

$ 19.99

The learning curve for 5A is a steep one for many throwers. As skill level improves they will look to change counterweights and generally it's easier to start out heavy and moves to lighter easier to control weights. This means a number of different weights over time. But what if you could tune your counterweight to fit your preference over time? Well, we have the answer! The Monkey Barrel is designed to meet the needs of any 5A player.

The Monkey Barrel is machined from durable delrin and constructed with a friction fit bearing and an end plug to correct string tension as you play. Using the same technology we used in our Private Reserve begleri, these counterweights use our proven Control Rod Technology (CRT). This system lets the player fine-tune their weight to exact preferences. There are eight machined holes, four of these holes are added to keep the initial weight down while the remaining four are threaded to accept an individual one gram control rod. This lets the player adjust the weight to their own skill and comfort levels.

Each counterweight will ship with the delrin counterweight, top plug, a bearing all assembled, along with 4 one gram control rods, and a hex key.

monkeyfinger monkey barrel

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