Mjolnir by Reykjavik Return Tops

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Reykjavik Return Tops - Powerful bi-metal design!

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Introducing the newest yoyo from Reykjavik Return Tops - The bi-metal Mjolnir.

The Mjolnir is the 2nd release by Rvk.Rt and their first bi-metal. It's named after the hammer of Thor, the god of thunder. Mjolnir is depicted in Norse mythology as one of the most fearsome and powerful weapons in existence, capable of leveling mountains. That's why they found the name perfect for this particular yoyo. Sitting at a rather heavy 66.2grams with SS rims and a slightly larger diameter, this yoyo has incredible spin power with stability to match!

The impressive spin power makes the Mjolnir perfect for insanely long combos and capable of going through up to 2minutes of tricks on a single throw. The stability and spin time makes it an excellent choice for 3A as well!

This version is mostly the same as the previous but with slightly increased durability,slightly redesigned face design and lighter by around half gram.

Unfortunately our friend Palli (owner of Reykjavik Return Tops) made an announcement back in May 2023 that they decided to close up the shop. This is the last stock of yo-yos from Reykjavik Return Tops

Mjolnir by Reykjavik Return Tops

Mjolnir Specifications:
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Diameter: 56.60 mm / 2.23 inches
Width: 44.00 mm / 1.73 inches
Gap Width: 4.56 mm / 0.18 inches
Weight: 66.2 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: 19mm Slim Pad Size
Material: 7068 w/ Stainless Steel Rims
Designed in: Iceland
Made in: China
Release Date:

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