fist salud loop string    

Loop String Lite
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Fist Salud -   String designed for 2A play!  

Why does Fist Salud String offer a better looping experience?

Answer: Unique string material.
Usually, Kitty String is produced with either polyester -OR- nylon. “Loop String Lite” is a mixture of BOTH polyester -AND- nylon. Throughout multiple testings from a wide range of world level players, we found that this certain mix of string drastically enhances the play for 2A. Mainly because it gives the best balance for both looping AND sleeping tricks. (Yes, sleeping tricks are necessary in 2A for around the world/wrap tricks)


Why is the string length 85cm?

Most standard strings usually come in the length of 110-115cm.
After conducting questionnaires from a wide range of 2A players, we agreed that the best average string length for 2A is usually set below “85cm”. We have produced the string to fit this length in order to reduce unnecessary amount of trash. At the end of the day, we are just spreading love by being eco-friendly!



fist salud loop lite string

fist salud loop string   

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