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Starburst Response:

  1. Low Response: Great for long slow loops.
  2. Medium Response: Use with shorter string for medium looping speeds.
  3. Aggressive Response: Use shorter string for fastest looping speed.


  1. High Response: Shortest spacer for maximum loops, but reduced spin time.
  2. Medium Response: Great balance between loop quantity and spin time.
  3. Long Response: Reduces starburst contact for longer spins. Great for wrap tricks.


  1. Long Axle: Widest gap, long slow loops.
  2. Medium Axle: Medium Gap, averages loop speed.
  3. Short Axle: Smallers Gap, fastest loop speeds.
    *Titanium Axle: Hair shorter than type 2, stronger, and prevents threads from mushrooming at the ends upon accidental crushing.

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