RSO Landing Pads    

RSO Landing Pads
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 High quality response pads.  

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From RSO: As technology advances, so does our ability to hit new trick milestones. How frustrating is it to get through that combo and when it comes time to return to base… it’s "crash and burn"? Well, we have come up with the perfect response pads to end all frustration when it comes time to land.

For you rocket science buffs, here’s what makes our LANDING PADS perform beyond today’s conventional offerings. We have used a compound that performs better on your strings and we’re happy to share our secret here. Many of today’s response pads are typically rated 60 on the Shore Hardness Scale. Those who skateboard would be familiar with this scale, which is frequently referenced during the customization process of skateboard wheels - higher the number on the scale, the harder the material. To put things into perspective, pencil eraser tips are rated approximately 40, while tire threads are rated about 60 on the scale. The number 60 has been the sweet spot because the material is soft enough to grip, yet hard enough to die-cut easily when it comes to manufacturing.

We decided to spare no expense and experiment with softer compounds resulting in a magenta (rated Shore 40) and cyan version (rated Shore 50) that provide more grip, which in turn generates more torque on a throw and more friction at lower spin speeds. What that means to you is that you can go on a longer trick journey, still have enough fuel to return home for that regen and continue your adventure to places you’ve never explored. We also produced this composite in a matte finish that grips evenly from the first throw, so no break-in period is required.

Older CLYW yo-yos such as the Peak, Bear vs Man, and Wooly Marmot were originally shipped with flowable silicon before Snow Tire response pads were introduced. The Snow Tires measure 4mm thicker than the response grooves on these models, yielding a fit that sticks out like a sore thumb… literally when you get a surprise return that smashes your digits. The picture on the bottom left illustrates an Iron Man Peak ill-fitted with aqua Snow Tires. If you don’t like to mess around with flowable silicon, LANDING PADS are your answer. Just look at the same Iron Man Peak on the right, fitted perfectly with LANDING PADS for CLYW-size response grooves! These white LANDING PADS are rated Shore 50. And surprise! These white LANDING PADS are also compatible with older G2 yo-yos which use G-grip response pads.

On newer CLYW releases, LANDING PADS offer a slightly recessed response for those who are super particular about their string not touching the pads for tricks that require multiple string layers. The picture on the bottom shows a Hulk Smash Peak 2 retrofitted with LANDING PADS, which sit slightly lower than the walls of the response groove. With the softer texture combined with the matte finish, the LANDING PADS will provide a very predictable response regardless of being a fraction deeper in the response groove.

19 mm type 40 (maroon) and type 50 (blue) pads:
- Manufactured by RSO
- Fits yo-yos with a 19mm response groove, the standard “Yoyofactory size”
- Type 40 is softer than type 50

CLYW Slim / G grip pads:
- Manufactured by RSO
- In addition to RSO yo-yos, this fits all OLD school CLYW yo-yos like the Peak 1, Wooly Marmot 1, OG Bear Vs Man 1 and also old GSQUARED yo-yos that utilise the old G-grips: the pads will fit almost flushed with the wall on these yo-yos
- This will also fit MODERN CLYW yo-yos but will sit slightly recessed: responds may occasionally unpredictable on these yo-yos

RSO x YoYoLab D bearing pads:
- Collaboration turquoise coloured pads manufactured by YoYoLab
- Measurements: 19 x 13 x 1.0-1.15 mm
- Fits RSO D bearing yo-yos, and D bearing yo-yos from Freshly Dirty and Guy With A Yo-Yo

RSO x Atmos Projects Saturn Rings:
- Collaboration peach coloured pads manufactured by RSO
- Fits yo-yos with a 19mm response groove, the standard “Yoyofactory size”
- Type 30 even softer and more grippy than the type 40 maroon Landing Pads


RSO Landing Pads

RSO Landing Pads     

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