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KYS X MFD Silverback King
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King Yo Star - High Performance 4A Delrin Yo-Yo!

With more and more players getting into 4A lately, MonkeyfingeR and King Yo Star decided it was time to create something for their team and fans. This is the first collaboration between these two Canadian companies and the first 4A yo-yo either of them has made - This is the Silverback King!

The Silverback King was created to serve as an offstring yo-yo for all skill levels. MonkeyfingeR and King Yo Star wanted to create something that bridges the boundary between the ideal throw for learning and a competition quality beast and we think they've done it! The Silverback King will take you from beginner to pro and is durable enough to last the journey!

Perfected over 4 stages of prototyping and tested for durability on every surface, each aspect of the Silverback King has been well thought out and feels perfectly finished. It fits comfortably in the hand, plays smooth on the string, and has a weight distribution that will suit any style from regens to fast tech!

If you're a beginner looking to get into 4A or a pro looking to push the limits, the Silverback King has you covered!

KYS X MFD Silverback King Specifications:
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Diameter: 76.90 mm / 3.02 inches
Width: 60.05 mm / 2.36 inches
Gap Width: 2.55 mm / .10 inches
Weight: 79.5 grams
Bearing Size: Size C 10 Ball Grooved Bearing (Installed)
8 Ball Flat Bearing (In Packaging)
Response: 19mm slim pad size

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