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Yicheng Luo - Incredibly small and incredibly playable!

Luo Yicheng is a Chinese yo-yo player and designer who has been a long time promoter of the yo-yo community in China. He has been involved in many yo-yo designs including the most recent release of the Kui from YoYoFactory. This is his latest creation - The incredibly small and incredibly playable Kun!

With a diameter barely 2mm larger than a Quarter, the Kun definitely falls into the "micro" yo-yo category, but still remains extremely playable with a Size D bearing. The chunky rims give it enough weight and spin power to perform modern tricks and with some practice you'll be hitting your favorite combos with a yo-yo that can get lost in your pockets!

Available in Stainless Steel and slightly heavier Brass. The Kun might be small, but it really packs a punch!



kun yoyo 

Kun Specifications:
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Diameter: 26.99 mm / 1.06 inches
Width: 24.25 mm / 0.95 inches
Gap Width: 4.14 mm / 0.16 inches
Weight: Brass: 57.25 grams
Stainless Steel: 56.5 grams
Copper: 63.65 grams
Bearing Size: Size D Bearing
Material: Brass/Stainless Steel
Designed in: China
Made in: China
Release Date: July 2019

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