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Kitty String - Nylon 1.5
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Kitty String - Perfect string for whips and slacks!

Kitty String is quickly becoming one of the top string choices for professional yo-yo players around the world. They are always pushing the envelope and refining their product lineup to give you the best performing string they can.

Kitty String teamed up with the famous Ryosuke Iwasawa, the creator of IrPads, to make their newest string extra special - Nylon 1.5. In case you haven't seen Ryosuke Iwasawa throw a yo-yo all you need to know is he has some of the craziest whips and lacerations out there. Kitty String created Nylon 1.5 with his play style in mind. It is slightly thicker than their regular polyester and holds the tension perfectly even through long combos. Nylon 1.5 is really whippy and perfect for slacks and lacerations.

This string is a beautiful collaboration between great companies and great yo-yo players. You can expect to see Nylon 1.5 as the string of choice for many top players!

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