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KendamaCo - Yumu 2.0
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KendamaCo - Removable spikes take this kendama to a whole new level!

$ 30.00
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The KendamaCo Yumu 2.0 is definitely not your ordinary kendama - in fact it's probably one of the most innovative kendamas we have seen!

The Yumu 2.0 has a very cool design - it comes stock with three extra spikes and each cup has a hole to fit the spikes in. This means that you can play with the Yumu just like any other kendama or you can install one, two, or even three of the additional spikes to create a completely different kendama experience.

Whether you're looking for a new kendama to help practice spikes or just want something a little different to change up your next kendama session the KendamaCo Yumu 2.0 is for you!

Brought to you by KendamaCO - Official Distributer of the Yumu!

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