Kagerou by Japan Technology

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New bi-metal design!

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From Japan Tech: Announcing the debut of our latest bi-metal design - The KAGEROU!

We've combined our ideal specs for a high performance model by pairing a thick and heavy steel ring with a quick and light feeling design. The shape is based on the Mirage and raises the bar from there with a bimetal powerup for plenty of spin power and stability in play without sacrificing speed or agility.

The Kagerou is unlike anything we have put out in the past; It combines the performance we've proven in previous models with a new and different feel we think everyone will love!

Note: Small blemishes or discoloration may be present on the colored steel rims.

Due to the characteristics of the surface treatment, depending on the type of string, the amount of time used, and the trick or style of play, strings tend to wear more easily than usual with "KAGEROU / SAKURA+ Kohei".

Please check the safety of your surroundings and the condition of the string frequently when repeatedly performing horizontal or other tricks that put a lot of stress on the string, when throwing with a lot of force, or when using the same string for a long period of time.

We recommend this product as a collector’s item.

Kagerou by Japan Technology

Kagerou by Japan Technology

japan tech kagerou yoyo

japan tech kagerou yoyo

Kagerou Specifications:
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Diameter: 56.80 mm / 2.23 inches
Width: 46.10 mm / 1.81 inches
Gap Width: 4.55 mm / 0.18 inches
Weight: 65.30 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: "Slim Pad" Size 19mm OD
Material: Aluminum Body w/ Steel Rings
Designed in: Japan
Made in: China
Released: January 2022

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