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Basecamp -   YoYoFactory Design Influenced by CLYW!

Basecamp is one of the coolest collaborations we have seen from two of the most popular yo-yo companies to date - CLYW & YoYoFactory! Instead of collaborating on just one yo-yo, they decided to create a unique brand and release 3 entirely new designs. And the way they went about it is so much fun! Each company designed a yo-yo, but used the other company as the influence for the design. This is the YoYoFactory designed and CLYW influenced Jackknife!

Creating the Jackknife required a lot of back and forth, but YoYoFactory did an excellent job bringing out the CLYW side of this design. The profile feeds off of many of the more recent CLYW models and the internal cup fuses the CLYW signature inner ring with YoYoFactory’s latest fingerspin technology.

The rounded v-shape design of the Jackknife keeps this yo-yo fast, floaty and really fun in play. It has a relatively even weight distribution that provides a smooth feel on the string and excellent maneuverability in play even transitioning through off plane tricks.

The end result is a stand-out design that is an absolute blast to throw and if you like fingerspins you are definitely in for a treat with the Jackknife!

basecamp jackknife

Jackknife Specifications:
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Diameter: 56.47 mm / 2.22 inches
Width: 44.30 mm / 1.74 inches
Gap Width: 5.00 mm / .20 inches
Weight: 64.9 grams
Bearing Size: CBC Center Trac
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: 19 mm CBC Slim Pads
Designed in: USA & Canada
Machined in: China

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