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Gumdrops Begleri
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Gumdrops Begleri is a new product from our friend Sara, also known as TotalArtist on the forums. These beautiful candy themed begleri are machined right here in our home state of Massachusetts and they couldn't have turned out better!

As an avid toy collector and begleri enthusiast, Sara had the idea to create a begleri set composed of more angles, yet still rounded and smooth. The unique shape of a gumdrop immediately came to mind and after several prototypes Gumdrops Begleri became a reality!

Gumdrops are machined from 7075 aluminum for added durability and sandblasted for a great feel in the hand with some extra grip. They weigh in just under 12g each, so a set with cord tips the scales at a comfortable 24g that feels just perfect in play. Not too light to get out of control, yet not too heavy to tire out your hands during those long practice sessions.

Available in solid candy colors as well as some speckled options to resemble that Gumdrop sugar on top!

    GumDrop Begleri  
GumDrop Begleri

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