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Grain Theory GT-E1
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Grain Theory -   The Classic GT-1 Shape!    

Grain Theory is a premium kendama company making small batch kendamas that are some of the best we ever had the pleasure of trying. Their latest release is here to bring small batch quality to a larger audience - The GT-E1!

The GT-1 was the original Grain Theory kendama. It was made by hand in Tennessee and quickly became a players choice, but the price was up there and quantity couldn't keep up with the demand. Enter the GT-E1 - Grain Theory's first model to be manufactured over seas and made available at a price to get them into the hands of the masses!

The ken shape of the GT-E1 is the classic GT-1 complete with the trademank swoop and wormhole. The tama is fitted with their signature bearing bead and the graphics are inspired by a combination of classic Japanese design and dashed “stitched” line from the GT logo. The Roku and Stitch both have superior tracking and style, and finished with the infamous “DWI Sticky AF” clear coat, they make balance tricks a breeze. Finally players around the world can enjoy the GT!

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