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YYF GOLD Center Trac Bearing
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YoYoFactory - Premier String Centering Bearing Made in Japan

$ 22.50
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YoYoFactory in conjunction with the Central Bearing Company present to you a new bearing to make your yo-yo less responsive and smoother on the string.

What this will do for you:

-Make your yo-yo as nearly unresponsive as possible when combined with a wide gap.

-Make string play smoother as it keeps the string away from catching the side of the yo-yo.

And NOW... Central Bearing Company bring a GOLD PLATED version for superior performance and spin time. You have to try it to believe it. Just that good.

Extremely long spins, extremely high tolerances reached in the making of this bearing.

First ever worldwide release of a gold Center Trac bearing!

The gold Center Trac bearing is a size C bearing.

NOTE: DO NOT LUBRICATE this bearing.

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