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Glow Mod Glow Sticks
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Glow Mod - Give Your Yo-Yo Some GLOW

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Developed in Canada the Glow Stick Mod is a great way to give your yo-yo extra attention especially in the dark and at your next performance!

These miniature glow sticks are made to fit perfectly in the groove of the Caribou Lodge Chief! Placing two aligned properly on either side gives a really amazing look while spinning!

The Glow Sticks ALSO fit in many other popular yo-yos as long as they have an inner flat area under the rim to be positioned. They come with extra 'extenders' that when put on the ends can be used to be held into the yo-yo. (For example they work terrific in the Dv888!)

They stay in tight when installed properly. Centrifugal force helps it stay stable and smooth during fast spin. To ensure no vibration in the Chief they must be centered and aligned properly. They are about 4.5mm in Diameter and 37mm in length.

Note: May induce vibration in other yo-yos too but it is usually overall minimal.

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