tmbr freemont

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TMBR - Take Apart Wooden Yo-Yo.

One of our favorite TMBR designs just got a facelift - The Freemont 2020!

The new 2020 Freemont is made of maple with the innovative TMBR Walnut Woodthread Axle System that provides ease of use and an adjustable gap. It features a classic narrow profile and high wall design that is perfect for loops and regens. Its oversized body gives it a longer-lasting spin, and it is a great choice for players looking for their first fixed axle yo-yo!

This new version is an update on the slimline original with rounder rims, 1-1/8” width (1/8”slimmer than previous) and a cut groove on inner wall.

tmbr freemont

tmbr freemont

Freemont Specifications:
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Diameter: 60.70 mm / 2.39 inches
Width: 29.20 mm / 1.15 inches
Gap Width: 2.80 mm / .11 inches
Weight: 51.8 grams
Bearing Size: WOOD
Response: WOOD

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