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Duncan - Experience the Freehand in Delrin!!

In 2001 the original Duncan Freehand was launched and with it came a change in the world of yoyos. Duncan had tapped into something unique. Although the why was not fully understood, everybody recognized it: the Freehand was special.

In addition to launching a new style of play, the Freehand's shape, aesthetics, and feel made it into an instant classic. Over the years Duncan has explored many different designs emphasizing various elements of the original, but with different materials and shapes. And now the FH1 shape has been rebuilt in an amazing all in one delrin design!

Delrin is unique in that it is both slick to the touch and heavier as a material allowing for unique weight distributions compared to traditional polycarbonate. It can be machined to be very precise and is durable and chemical resistant. With this newest release Duncan has reimagined the original FH1 featuring both a delrin body and delrin caps for a solid and smooth feel and a nice unresponsive large Size C bearing installed. It instantly feels classic in the hand and on the string!
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Freehand Delrin Specifications:
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Diameter: 57.34 mm / 2.26 inches
Width: 39.72 mm / 1.56 inches
Gap Width: Coming Soon!
Weight: 66.10 grams
Bearing Size: Size C Bearing
Response: Slim 19mm Pads
Material: Machined Delrin
Release Date: 2023

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