fluid print spacer kit

Fluid 3D Printing Spacer Kit
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Luftverk - Print your own custom yoyo!

Fluid Print Dynamics was originally a small experimental project started by Jeffrey Pang of Luftverk back in 2014. Jeff was 3D printing some innovative yoyos and developed a brass spacer system that allowed for a higher quality bearing seat for 3D printed designs. Now, with the growing popularity and ease of 3D printing we decided to ask him to make some more!

This spacer kit has everything you need to assemble any of the ready-to-print 3D models found in the Fluid Print Dynamics Downloads page here or any custom yoyo you want to design around it. Perfect for educational purposes or hobbyists alike. This kit is also a great option for people who turn their own yoyos from scratch!

These custom made brass spacers are designed to fit common "C-sized" bearings and 19mm response pads (not included in the kit). The kit also includes a 20mm axle and two acorn hex nuts which are needed to assemble a single 3D printed yoyo model.
Yoyo not included.

fluid print spacer kit

fluid print spacer kit

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