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Flowable Silicone
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YoYoExpert - Flowable Silicone for all your o-ring grooved yo-yos!

With Silicone now the standard in yo-yo play today flowable silicone is for those who want to always be prepared when they need new response or to the player who has extreme response demands.

This silicone is normally used as a sealant for windshields or glass is used to flow into the o-ring grooves of most yo-yos today and once dried gives excellent bind returns.

Simply fill the groove in the yoyo with the Flowable Silicone and smooth it out. Wipe off any excess, and let dry.

In about 12-24 hours, you'll have a yoyo that binds tightly and doesn't snag (if done correctly).

We highly recommend this link by Doctor Popular:Flowable Silicone Instructions

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