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First Word Design Throw-Strap
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First Word - Hand Made to Fit Your Yo-Yo and Your Style

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Introducing the First Word Design throw-strap! Designed and assembled in Boulder, Colorado, and featuring a classy wooden bead and metal clasp.

First Word were actually Kendama players introduced to the yo-yo scene and decided to make their on holders:

"In designing the throw-strap we thought about both superior functionality and creative style. Not only did we want to make a supreme and useful product but we strived for a professional and unique look.

Taking inspiration from kendama and yoyo holsters has allowed for a blend of a sleek appearance and unparalleled functionality. The First Word Design throw-strap is an extension of your lifestyle."

Each bead is slightly unique. Available in limited batches. Yo-Yo Sold Separately.

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