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Fidget Slinger Begleri
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Rain City -   Begleri X Fidget Spinner Crossover!    

Rain City is a cool new skill toy company founded by Jeremy "Mr. Yo-Yo Thrower" McKay! This is their original creation of a begleri and fidget spinner crossover - The Fidget Slinger!

Fidget Slingers are the most customizable begleri we have ever seen. You can adjust the weight anywhere from 10 to 19g per bead by adding weights or removing parts. The dual bearing design takes this begleri to the next level by adding a spinning capability that gives them a really smooth feel in play and through spinning transitions.

Machined from durable 7075 Aluminum and available in some very cool colors, Fidget Slingers are a begleri game changer! Take a look at the detailed video below to get the full scope of what these Fidget Slingers can do!


rain city begleri  

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