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Duncan Yo-Yo Gloves
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Duncan - Duncan - String Burn Isn't Fun

$ 11.99
Keeping your hands perfect and your string clean is important - and the yo-yo glove from Duncan can help you achieve just that.

The Duncan glove protects your hands from string burn and keeps the sweat and grime off the string allowing it to slide easily over your fingers for smoother string trick play.

The glove comes in a vibrant red or black which looks great on stage for performances and demonstrations.

To figure out your size, measure the length from the base of your palm to the tip of your middle finger.

If that length is less than 6.5" inches (16.5 cm), then get a Small (S) size.

If that length is in between 6.5" inches (16.5 cm) and 7.5" inches (19 cm), then get a Medium (M) size.

If that length is greater than 7.5" inches (19 cm), then get a Large (L) size.

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