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Duncan Light Up Freehand Zero
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Duncan - The Best Light Up String Trick Yo-Yo Available!

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Duncan's premiere string trick and Counterweight yo-yo is the Freehand designed for you to let go and impress others with fancy tricks. With its patented counter-weight system, you can let go of the yo-yo in mid-trick, making the impossible look easy.

Already a favorite among yo-yo players worldwide it now comes in a special light up version! Not only does the yo-yo light up, but the included counterweight does as well in a brilliant blue color! And the best part is the Freehand now features a 'recessed' friction sticker for more advanced play!!!

Features the same technology as seen in the Duncan Pulse the colors of the yo-yo change as it spins and changes the pattern as well for a really neat effect in a dark room! (Very visible even in normal light too!)

We honestly have not had this much fun playing Freehand in a very long time! The light just makes it that much cooler to throw around! Pick one up - you will not be disappointed!

Duncan Light Up Freehand Zero Specifications:
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Diameter: 2.25 inches / 57.15 mm
Width: 1.50 inches / 38.1 mm
Response System: Recessed Friction Stickers
Compatible with any 12mm Size
Replacement Response Here
Weight: 70 grams
Bearing Size: Size A (5x10x4 mm)

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