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yoyorecreation - Competition inspired bi-metal design!

Often praised as one of the best throws on the market, this is one yo-yo that really doesn't need any introduction. The Yoyorecreation DRAUPNIR!

The Draupnir is a precision machined b-metal design with a 7075 aluminum body and Stainless Steel Rims. With the rims composed of a denser metal Yoyorecreation is able to maximize rim weight without adding bulky rims. This gives the yo-yo unbelievable spin time and stability while still maintaining a low overall weight which greatly improves speed and maneuverability. Fitted with IrPad Response and an NSK DS Bearing, the Draupnir is competition ready right out of the box!

Light weight, long spinning, and rock stable, the Draupnir is the perfect yo-yo for any style!

NOTE: Matte Gloss Black versions are slightly shinier than Matte finish, but not polished.



Draupnir Specifications:
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Diameter: 57.04 mm / 2.24 inches
Width: 43.42 mm / 1.71 inches
Gap Width: 4.40 mm / .17 inches
Weight: 63.5 grams
Bearing Size: YoYoRec Ds Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: YoYoRec IR Pad

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