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Jake Bullock - Miniature Stainless Steel YoYo!

$ 99.99

The DINK is a newly introduced yoyo model inspired by the term "dinks" in the fishing world, referring to small catches. Designed as a miniature version of the Dunk yoyo, it features a stainless steel construction for durability and a futuristic appearance. Unlike many other undersized yoyos on the market, the DINK maintains a thin profile and strong build, resembling more of a tool or machine component than a traditional toy.

The DINK retains the signature Dunk Profile and inner cup bump while at the same time looking unique from anything else they’ve made and delivers impressive performance, challenging negative assumptions about tiny yoyos.

It's suitable for a range of players, from beginners learning chopsticks and improving accuracy to advanced players mastering their most dense tech combos. After extensive testing, it has proven to be a reliable and versatile yoyo, offering a unique playing experience within the Dunk lineup.

Dink Specifications:
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Diameter: 47.64 mm / 1.88 inches
Width: 36.75 mm / 1.45 inches
Gap Width: 4.30 mm / 0.17 inches
Weight: 59.00 grams
Bearing Size: Size D
Response: Size D Response Pads
Material: Stainless Steel
Designed in: USA
Released: March 2024

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