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Dif-E-Yo Shims
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Dif-E-Yo - Metal shims to help widen the gap of your yo-yo.

$ 4.00
If you ever wanted a wider gap on your yo-yo the best way to achieve this is using "shims". Shims go on either side of a bearing to keep it out of the bearing well which increases your gap width to make the yo-yo less responsive.

In the past these were best for YoYoJam's plastic yo-yos with adjustable gaps. In todays yo-yos while most of them have extremely wide gaps sometimes a shim can give you just a bit more width to change play the way you want.

There is no better quality shim then Dif-E-Yos metal shims. They withstand being used multiple times and will not get crushed in the process. Available in two thicknesses. .010 inches or .030 inches to customize your gap width.

Note: If you are not sure if shims will work or help your yo-yo feel free to email us for advice.

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