dice stacks   

Dice Stacks
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YoYoFactory -   Give your Hub-Stack yo-yos a cool new look!    

Dice Stacks are custom hub-stack yo-yo accessories designed by yo-yo modder Chris Rice. They are compatible with YoyoFactory hub-stack yo-yos.

Dice Stacks, also known as 'RiceStacks', are a fun alternative to normal hub-stacks. Simply remove the original hub-stacks and replace with the Dice Stack of your choice yo give your yo-yo a fun new look!

Note: This is purchase of Dice Stacks only. Comes with 2 dice stacks (one for each side of the yo-yo) and two o-rings. Yo-Yo & Hub-Stack Bearings not included. Fits YoYoFactory hub stack compatible yo-yos only.

dice stacks

dice stacks

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