Crucial Grooved Bearing
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Crucial - Now with a new angled groove!

In yo-yoing it is more important than ever that your yo-yo stays completely unresponsive and the string as dead center as possible. Crucial has always been a big player in string centering bearings but they have brought the game to a new level with their new grooved bearing!

The new Crucial Grooved bearing not only features their signature 'groove' to keep the string dead center but it also tapers off leaving a concave area to keep the string dead center during string tricks no matter what!  

The Grooved bearing really makes for an incredible unresponsive playing experience by utilizing a two radius design. One to keep the main string centered and the second to pull string trick layers to the middle and away from the spinning yo-yo!

The Crucial Grooved Bearing is available in Stainless Steel and Size C only (.250 x .500 x .187). Fits 'most' string trick yo-yos but if you are not sure feel free to contact us!

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