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YYF Center Trac Bearing
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YoYoFactory - Smooth Unresponsive Play

$ 9.99
YoYoFactory in conjunction with the Central Bearing Company present to you a new bearing to make your yo-yo less responsive and smoother on the string.

The concept with center-trac: Take a normal bearing and create a flat groove towards the inside of the bearing allowing the string to remain trapped in the center away from hitting the side of the yo-yo during intense string trick play.

What this will do for you:

-Make your yo-yo as nearly unresponsive as possible when combined with a wide gap.

-Make string play smoother as it keeps the string away from catching the side of the yo-yo.

This is an excellent upgrade built to fit in any yo-yo using the very popular Size C bearing (YoYoJam, YoYoFactory, etc.) or Size A bearing (YoYoFactory,Duncan).

Not sure if it will fit your yo-yo? Feel free to contact YoYoExpert for help!

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