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Catchy Mini Metal Kendama
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Catchy - All Aluminum Pocket Kendama - Challenge Yourself!

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It seems like whenever we put down a yo-yo we pick up a kendama, they are the perfect skill toy; you don't need a lot of room to play with them, you don't have to wind up any string, and they are fun for any skill level. The only problem is there is no real easy way to carry them around... Until now! Catchy set out to make a kendama that you can take with you wherever you go - Here it is! The Catchy Mini Metal Kendama!

This pocket-sized, machined aluminum kendama is the perfect tool to help you hone your kendama skills. As the old saying goes - If you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball, and if you can land tricks on this mini metal kendama then you can land them on a full sized one!

The Catchy Mini Metal Kendama is ideal for the kendama player on the go, just throw it in your pocket or in your bag and it's there when you need it!

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